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Leaving on a jet plane?

First, listen to this parody of the famous John Denver song—gotta love this one by the Bar and Grill Singers, a group of attorneys who also have some great legal spoof songs. Ha! Some sample lyrics:

    So frisk me to check for clues

    Tell me to take off my shoes

    Touch me, ask me what you need to know

    'Cuz I'm leaving on a jet plane

    Just stand in line and don't complain

    And soon they'll let me go

(Thanks to Carolyn for the pointer!)

Update: I've been informed that it was Peter, Paul and Mary who made this song famous, not JD. Well, it'll always been a John Denver song to me (full disclosure: I once was a huge JD fan&8212;my very first concert featured him singing Rocky Mountain High and Country Roads).

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