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The latest in destination promotion

According to travelwirenews, there’s a show in Sydney, Australia, that caters to the travel needs of gays and lesbians. Which is very smart marketing, given that "The gay market has more disposable income, and has a propensity for travel. There is a trend toward more diversified travel experiences, and this‹combined with discretionary income and a greater variety of options‹puts the "gay market" in a league of its own," according to Community Marketing. The market is conservatively estimated at $47 billion just in the U.S., or approximately 10 percent of the total U.S. market.

The Aussies are in good company in their attempts to tempt this niche:

    "The CVBs of Miami Beach, Key West, West Hollywood and San Francisco are reaching out to the gay market for groups and conventions. Perhaps this could be expected, but so are Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis. The British Tourist Authority and the Australia Tourism Commission have participated in the advertising efforts of gay tour operators. The government tourism boards of France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Puerto Rico and California exhibit at the International Gay & Lesbian World Travel Expo.

    "Tourism Québec has stepped forth to sponsor an ongoing "Visit Gay-Friendly Quebec" campaign to increase gay and lesbian arrivals to the province. This comprehensive promotion also involves the sponsorship of Air Canada and VIA Rail, as well as the participation of the tourist offices of Montréal and Québec City."

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