Last-minute decision-makers

This poll from Buzzwhack.com may not give you insights on why attendees wait until the last minute to sign up for programs or book hotel rooms. Then again, it may. Either way, it's pretty funny:

    The first BuzzWhack Undecideds Poll clearly backed BuzzWhack's suspicions. Most undecided voters really aren't undecided. In fact, 75% know exactly who they're voting for. They just too embarrassed to tell you. Here are the results of the survey:

    43% - I'm actually voting for Kerry, but don't want anyone to know

    32% - I'm actually voting for Bush, but don't want anyone to know

    14% - I'm just one of those folks who can't make up their mind about anything until the last possible minute. And I always regret my decisions later.

    11% - I'm totally clueless, don't really intend to vote at all and I don't want anyone to know

    Note: While this survey is totally unscientific, we're 99% certain that it is accurate within plus or minus 1 percentage point. After all, why would anyone admitting to being this stupid lie about it.

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