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Kushner's out, Sexton's in at PCMA

Big news--I've been hearing rumors for the past few months that David Kushner, PCMA's president and CEO for the past three years, was about to get the boot. Now it's official: As of today, he's out, and Deborah Sexton, who up until now served as the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau's president, has landed the job of PCMA president and CEO. His last day, according to the press release, is Feb. 25--Sexton starts "on or before" March 15, so it's a quick turnaround. The press release doesn't mention if Kushner has any immediate plans, employment-wise.

I've spoken with Sexton numerous times over the years, and I believe PCMA has found an amazing person to lead it forward. I wish her the best in her new position. My condolences to Chicago!

I'll let you know when I hear more--or if you know more, drop me a line. For the record or not, I'd love to get the inside skinny on this one.

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