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Know the local rules

Meeting planners of course always bone up on the local laws and customs of their meeting's locale, but sometimes the local rules can defy all logic (and perhaps even sanity). Check out this great roundup of the world's strangest laws, on the off chance that one of the attendees of your show in Paris is moved to name a pig Napoleon, or you are considering having single women parachuting into your event in Florida on a Sunday.

For more fun with dumb laws, I like this site. I can't remember what exactly I was writing about, but I remember stumbling across it eons ago and having a great time looking up dumb laws in my home state of Massachusetts, like the one that says it's illegal to put a gorilla in the back seat of your car, and the one that is just so Boston: "Tomatoes may not be used in the production of clam chowder." (This would make it Manhattan-style chowder, not the real New England kind.)

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