Kissing protocols

I recently discovered Something Extra, a blog from SNC Destinations, that offers some good tips. Like this post on kissing customs between business partners around the world (you know, which cheek to start with, do you drop two cheek-pecks or three?). Their advice:

    I recall an incident when I was certain that the kiss would start on the left cheek, but among the Dutch the rule is to start on the right. Imagine playing face tango with a business associate! What I learned thereafter, since the kissing protocol can also have regional differences within the same country, was to extend my hand, stand still, and take the lead from the person I was greeting.

I also really liked this one, which includes tips on selecting a Web conferencing provider, based on their experience.

I can't remember how I found this one, but I added it to my news reader a week or so ago, and have been enjoying it.

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