In-kind donations needed in D.C.

This from The Professional Convention Management Association:

    Leslie Zeck, CMP, Manager of Events & Conferences for the Red Cross has been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the national headquarters staff, who has been working around the clock to coordinate this massive effort, is well-taken care of. She has reached out to the hospitality community to seek in-kind donations of lunches, dinners and snacks and sodas for the Washington, DC-based headquarters staff who are managing the operation. In an extreme gesture of generosity, the Washington St. Regis Hotel, for example, has donated box lunches to the Red Cross team. The Red Cross is also seeking donations of complimentary hotel rooms in the Washington, DC area for the staff who don’t have time to go home. To donate hotel sleeping rooms or food to the American Red Cross staff, please contact Leslie Zeck at 202-303-4244 or via email at [email protected]
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