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Kicking the boredom blues

Did you know July is National Anti-Boredom month (as well as National Blueberry Month, the Unlucky Month for weddings, and the National Cell Phone Courtesy Month)? I didn't until I got a press release from Hampton Hotels about how its beating boredom today by sending more than a dozen staffers to Vermont's St. Johnsbury Athenaeum to do some serious refurbishing, refinishing, and all-around fixing up. Whew, hope it's not as hot in Vermont today as it is here in Massachusetts!

I don't remember hearing about it until today, but it sounds like Hampton Hotels has had a Save-A-Landmark program -- of which today's boredom-busting effort is a part -- for 10 years now. If you know of a local landmark that could use some TLC, feel free to nominate it for next year's efforts.

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