Keeping fit on the road

If you're like me, being on the road means all the regular dietary rules are off--kind of a "calories eaten in Vegas, stay in Vegas" mentality. Unfortunately, my bathroom scale tells me otherwise! This article in the New York Times (free registration req'd) has some great tips for not gorging yourself like a wild gnu turned loose in a field of alfalfa. It's all common sense stuff, but if I could just follow it, well, maybe those 15 pounds I've packed on in recent years would go back to whatever cookies they came from. And I love this quote from a meeting planner (and that a meeting planner is quoted in the NYT!):

    If you think staying on the straight and narrow dietary path is difficult, pity Kate Lichter, vice president of Complete Conference Coordinators in Naperville, Ill. In planning meetings and conventions, she is constantly being called on to taste food and select menus. "It's food, food, food, all the time," said Ms. Lichter, who is 34. "Sometimes the chef is standing there, watching you eat. It's hard, the food is so good."

I hear you, Kate!

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