Katrina-related meetings/hospitality links page is up

The fruits of my labor of the past couple of days is now live: Our list of links to resources. It has links to: News from affected cities, meetings/hospitality-specific Katrina news sites, rescheduled/cancelled Gulf Coast meetings, hotel, convention center, and airline status updates, airline cancellation/rebooking policies, car rental policies, related airport info, risk management/contingency planning resources, job boards and housing sites for displaced people, sites to find people uprooted by the hurricane, displaced meetings resources, industry-specific, national, and local disaster relief efforts, and related government agencies. I think that's all of it.

I'll continually be updating it as I hear about new sites, so if I'm missing a useful link, please let me know. (I still haven't check in on all our industry associations yet, for example.)

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