Just in time for the 4th

Beer bombs: This can't be for real, but according to an article from Cleveland.com:

    Just in time for the holiday, the FBI issued a warning last week to be on the lookout for booby-trapped beer coolers and floating garbage.

    The alert warned to 'look out for plastic-foam containers, inner tubes and other waterborne flotsam,' because they could be rigged to blow up on contact around beaches, harbors and marinas. It warned about marker buoys, too. Watch out for them.

OK then, let's all be sure to check to make sure there's no twist to our twist-offs, no plastique in our plastic floaters, and no jetsom in our flotsam.

Hottest new toy in Iraq: a chubby, hip-swaying doll of Saddam Hussein that dances to the tune of "Hippy Hippy Shake." According to yahoo.com:

    The owner of the store started offering the dolls shortly after Saddam's regime was overthrown in April last year.

    A Turkish traveling salesmen turned up with the Chinese-made puppets, also featuring dancing Osama bin Ladens, Fidel Castros and George W. Bushes, and he placed an order.

    At first it was the hip-shaking Osamas that sold best, but slowly Iraqis grew less fearful of ridiculing their deposed president and started buying the Saddam ones too.

Now for a little fireworks fun!

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