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Just Imagine a World In Which the Room Temp Is Fine With Everyone

Just Imagine a World In Which the Room Temp Is Fine With Everyone

The Wristy thermoelectric bracelet

What's the number one complaint heard by most meeting planners while on site? I'm guessing it might well be that the room is too hot or too cold—or probably both at the same time, according to different attendees. Yes, the thermostat is as highly contentious an item in the ballroom as it is in the office (and in many of our homes), where some like it hot and others, not.

So how exciting is it to hear about a new wearable thermoelectric bracelet that would allow every one of those thin-skinned/hot-flashing/cold-blooded attendees to adjust the temperature exactly to their liking without you having to do a thing? A team of those crazy kids at MIT have come up with just such a device, the Wristify, which earned them $10,000 and the top prize in MIT's Making and Designing Materials Engineering Competition. And it may end up making them a whole lot more, too, if they can make it a little less clunky (at least as innocuous as my FitBit Flex would be nice). And think of how much energy hotels, convention centers, and other meetings spaces could save as well.


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