Just for fun Web sites

Here are a couple of fun Web sites, courtesy of the MiForum listserv:

A site that ranks the popularity of your last name (mine comes in at 2,098).

What your birthday says about you. Just plug in your day, month, and year of birth, and it'll tell you everything from what phase of the moon it was when you were born to your life number (mine's a 7, which does more or less sound like me, at least the good parts!), to what your Native American Zodiac sign is, to your age in dog years. It's pretty fun.

And from the MeCo listserv, a couple of sites where you can plug in songs/bands you like and find more music like it:

LivePlasma and Pandora.com.

And if that's not enough goofing around, check out Larry Mundy's latest column on elevators. I love this guy!

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