Joyce and Jo take back Landry & Kling

Jo_joyce_together_1Joyce Landry and Josephine

Kling have just announced that they have reaquired Landry & Kling, the cruise agency they launched in 1982 and later sold. National Leisure Group was the latest owner. From a press release:

Landry will serve as CEO, and Kling, who

recently rejoined the company to partner with Landry in the buy-back, will

serve as President. The two partners purchased 100% of the stock in Landry

& Kling, Inc. and all of its assets from NLG.

“We’re extremely positive about the ever-expanding

opportunities that are available in the cruise industry for corporate meetings

and incentives,” Landry said, “and the

timing is right for cruises to capture a larger share of that market.”

I interviewed Ms. Landry for a cruise meeting article way back when I first started writing about this industry and knew zip about cruising, and she was both gracious about my ignorance and incredibly informative. Glad to see her and her partner back at the helm.

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