Journal editor fired for censoring accusation

Recommended reading from Anne Taylor-Vaisey: From today's Ottawa Citizen:

Medical journal fires editor who alleged censorship: Dispute involves story on morning-after pill, prying pharmacists, by Sharon Kirkey

    The editor of Canada's top medical journal has been fired six weeks after accusing the journal's owners of censoring a story.

    Dr. John Hoey, a 10-year editor of the Ottawa-based Canadian Medical Association Journal, as well as deputy editor Anne Marie Todkill, were fired Monday afternoon after a dispute over the story about women seeking the "morning after" pill being questioned by pharmacists about their sex lives.

    Dr. Donald Redelmeier, a member of the journal's editorial board and a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, said the dismissals were conducted "in a manner that was unexpected and unexplained."

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