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A teambuilding activity that more companies are starting to get hip to is facilitated by the Foundation for Hospital Art. The foundation prepares a canvas, provides paints, and guides attendees, who, divided into teams, create a painting. The paintings then are donated to hospitals to cheer up patients and stressed-out healthcare workers. I hear it's a great activity that generates good PR and makes staffers feel good.

Now the Foundation has kicked off what it calls Global PaintFest 2005, a 36-city painting event that kicked off in Washington, D.C. in May. From the press release:

    The global painting event, including a climb up Mt. Fuji with cancer survivors (MLT – Meaningful Life Therapy members) to symbolize hope and to encourage cancer patients to go for quality of life during their fight to beat cancer, will conclude on October 14, 2005. The final painting will come together at the Roosevelt Rehab Institute in Warm Springs, GA during the Foundation for Hospital Art’s annual board meeting.

    A PaintFest will be conducted at the Roosevelt Rehab Institute to celebrate the completion of the 2005 global mission. The completed painting will be dedicated to a cancer hospital at the base of Mt. Fuji, one of the many hospitals participating in the global event.

Shown above (click to enlarge) is the design with only 10 of the planned 36 panels that will be in the final painting. If your company, organization, or community wants to get involved, call John Feight at (770) 645-1717 or drop him an e-mail.

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