J&J taking another look at heart-failure drug Natrecor after shortcomings revealed at meeting

According to this article in Forbes, Johnson & Johnson is taking criticism of its heart-failure drug Natrecor by "two doctors who drew the spotlight to Natrecor. At medical meetings and in the

journals Circulation and The Journal of the American Medical Association." It convened a panel of 10 top cardiologists, who recommended "that use of Natrecor be limited to a more restricted population than that for which the drug is approved. It advised that Johnson & Johnson institute a plan to educate doctors about when to use the drug. The panel also approved

J&J's existing plans to test Natrecor--which include a large-scale trial that appears to have previously gone unannounced."

Boy, I sure am hearing a lot about pharma lately. CME providers, what have you all been up to?

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