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JAMA's med ed issue is out

This post courtesy of Anne Taylor-Vaisey: Every year JAMA's first September issue is devoted to medical education. This year is no exception. Here is a sampling of titles:

Neurobehavioral Performance of Residents After Heavy Night Call vs After Alcohol Ingestion

Comparison of the Instructional Efficacy of Internet-Based CME With Live Interactive CME Workshops: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Costs and Funding for Published Medical Education Research

Resident Physicians‘ Preparedness to Provide Cross-Cultural Care

Effects of Work Hour Reduction on Residents‘ Lives: A Systematic Review

Educational Programs in US Medical Schools, 2004-2005

US Graduate Medical Education, 2004-2005: Trends in Primary Care Specialties

Reforming Graduate Medical Education

Separate and Equitable Promotion Tracks for Clinician-Educators

Medical Education 2005: From Allegory to Bull Moose [editorial]






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