Interesting map mashup promotion

I got an e-mail yesterday with an interesting promotion for the 4th Annual Pharma Networking Dinner Reception. The e-mail's subject line summed it up as: "Find This Attendee on the Map and Win a $15 Discount off Registration for June 4 Networking Event!"

It starts off with a Google map where attendees can promote their business. It sounds like the organizer plugged in the basic locations/titles/names for attendees, along some links to their Web sites, so people can do a little pre-event networking. Those who choose to play the game and find the location of the person traveling the furthest to get to the event (using Google's Distance Measurement tool) can win a $15 discount if they e-mail the info to the organizers by a certain deadline.

I thought this was a pretty interesting idea. I'd be curious to know if they get many takers.

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