Interested in improving drug safety?

If so, check out the new Drug Safety program on InnovationWell. The multi-platform, multimedia program around a discussion of strategic knowledge issues and best practices in drug safety and building a drug safety body of knowledge. The program will be following the organizer's InterAction meeting format where presentations, discussions, and networking occur in face-to-face meetings (April 25-26 in Philadelphia, USA, and May 30-31 in Basel, Switzerland) and additionally in the InnovationWell collaborative environment, before, during and after the meetings.

I spoke last week with Barry Hardy, PhD, one of the organizers, and it sounds like an amazing program that takes all learning needs into account. I can't begin to do it justice here--more information is blogged here and here. Even if you're not interested in drug safety management, check out how they're structuring this educational event--I find it fascinating, and just the way meetings need to go in the future.

As Barry said in our conversation, "It s really a community of practice approach. The successful conferences of the future are going to have continuity, community, and more interaction/discussion/networking happening. There s no need to go and sit in presentations when I can do that at home." I think he's right.

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