Int’l attendees, stay home?

The National Business Travel Association has released a white paper on the overall impact of CAPPS II and security-related privacy issues on travel. Some of the conclusions:

-CAPPS II will likely cost airlines "significantly more" than the current $150 million they spend annually on CAPPS. Implication for us? Undoubtedly, prices will have to rise to keep pace, and/or more airlines will dive into bankruptcy.

-Longer wait times and costs for visas to enter the U.S., plus a long appeal time for those whose visas are denied due to stolen identity or other errors. Implications for international attendees coming to U.S.-based meetings are pretty obvious.

In short, says the white paper, "The forthcoming implementation of CAPPS II augurs further challenges for already beleaguered road warriors." And, I would add, for U.S. meetings with a large percentage of international participants. *sigh*


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