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InflightFeed: A Yelp for the Skies?

InflightFeed: A Yelp for the Skies?

While we still may be mainly cellphone free in the air, those willing to wait until the flight attendants give the all-clear (crosscheck, 1L 1R—does anyone know what that means?) can now post their reviews of the food-like substances they purchased for way too much money during the flight on InflightFeed, which sounds sort of like a Yelp for the skies.

There are more than 80 airlines in the site's database to choose from—not surprisingly, no U.S. airlines are on its top 5 most highly rated list—and you can whine, er, post comments about the regularly offered chow and economy-class upgraded menus. And if your meal was extra special, you can even upload a photo of it to go along with your review. I'm not seeing many reviews yet, so if this is your thing, start posting!

(Thanks to the MeCo listserv for the pointer.)

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