India conferencing trend: Make it fun

The conferencing trend in India is toward injecting some fun into those "stressful meetings with sessions of analysis and targets," according to this article in fe Business Traveller:

    Traditional annual conferences have slowly, but steadily, been replaced by half yearly and quarterly exercise with increasing emphasis on achieving departmental and organisational objectives through team building programs rather than traditional boardroom sessions. Individual skills are sharpened and forgotten thought processes are reinforced into the minds of busy corporate executives through these team building exercises. A lot of companies also use team building to unearth the real potential of their executive, which can be easily camouflaged in the work place. While in Europe and America, team building is a full-fledged industry; corporates in India have now woken up to realise the potential of such programs.

Fun, different venues, it's all good. And it's making its way across the world.

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