I'm missing ASAE already

I know it hasn't even started yet, but I'm already missing ASAE and The Center's annual meeting, which is in Los Angeles this year. I'm crazy busy next week, but I hope to be able to hop on the virtual train and experience at least a little of it from 3,000 miles away, like maybe a general session or two. I haven't poked around much yet to see what will and won't be available for laggards like me.

One thing I do want to check out from afar: Remember last year's theme song/video that they played at the general sessions (and during walk times between sessions)? I got an e-mail from PCI Communications, which produced the song for ASAE last year, about their plans for this year. Because the meeting's in LA, they're going to open the general sessions with a three-part original sitcom that stars 30 ASAE members as actors.

This could be the best thing yet, or it could go horribly, horribly wrong. Comedy is hard -- I wish them the best (somehow, hoping they break a leg just sounds wrong). Here's the trailer.

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