I'm back (part 2)

In addition to changing my latitudes and attitudes from southern seas to Massachusetts grays (what is up with this cold and rainy weather?), I'm also moving back to some old stomping grounds career-wise. I am moving off my home with Association Meetings to become editor of Medical Meetings, a magazine I worked on and absolutely adored several years ago.

While I will heartily miss the association meetings beat (I love you guys!), I do look forward to renewing my acquaintance with those in the continuing medical education and pharma/medical meetings world. A more dedicated, committed, and smart group of people would be hard to find. And there's always something happening with the rules and regs that surround everything pharma does, including its physician meetings and CME commercial support, which makes it a great field for its journalists (for those who have to actually do the work, probably not so much).

The move was in part facilitated by MM's losing its editor extraordinaire of many years, Tamar Hosansky. Tamar left to become the first-ever director of communications for the Accreditation Council for CME, which is an even-more-perfect position for someone of her immense talents and knowledge of this field. Tamar, we miss you already! I'll do my level best to keep MM to the high standards you have set.

So wish me well in my new job, and if you have any ideas for topics you'd like to see MM tackle, drop me a line any time.

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