Icebreaker idea

I just heard of this icebreaker idea, and thought it sounded like fun:

Create a list of 20 to 30 things that attendees can ask each other. Put them on a sheet for attendees to fill out: Each "player" needs to try to find at least one person in the group who fits that "thing", e.g.,

1. Find someone who travelled more than 25 miles to get to the meeting, or less

than 5 miles

2. Find someone who lives in a house

3. Find someone who has a

4. Find someone who has never travelled outside the USA

5. Find someone who speaks

(native speaker? How did you learn that?)

6. Find someone who studied

in college (where and when?)

7. Find someone who has three or more sons/daughters (ages?)

8. Find someone who coached a sports team (what sport? who was on the team?)

9. Find someone who has fixed a meal for more than 20 people at one time (what was the occasion?)

10. Find someone who plays the

(how long?)

11. Find someone who has been on a television show (name the show)

12. Find someone who slept in a tent last year (where?)

13. Find someone who has gone to a

this season (against what team? Who won?)

14. Find someone who has a family member serving in the armed forces (what service? where?) Etc.

Get creative . . . You don't necessarily have to actually *have* someone in your group who has that thing in order to create your list—in fact, if you have one question that no one fits, you are almost assured that each player will talk to each other before the time is up. There are no winners or losers (or you can offer a prize to the person with the most questions having at least one name next to it in the allotted time).

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