Hysteria and medical errors

Two articles sent to me recently (thanks, Deb!) seemed to go together in a way. The first is Hysteria rules doctor and drug company relationship debate, which argues that much of the hoo-ha in Australia lately surrounding the topic of pharma and docs leaves out the most important piece of the equation: The patient.

This article, Americans Carry Two Burdens When it Comes to Healthcare, also focuses on the patients, this time specifically U.S. patients who have not just the most expensive healthcare in the world, but also suffer the most from medical errors. (CME providers, how's this for needs assessment?)

Wherever in the world you are and whatever role you play in this industry, we have to always keep in the forefront that it's not about profit margins, or federal medical programs, or even physician excellence. It's all about the patients, and doing what's in their best interest. That often gets lost in the heat of the moment, especially when the press grabs those attention-getting headlines about corruption, influence, conflicts of interest, etc.

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