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Hyatt fights "boondoggle" meetings perception with humor

After last year's tough climate for meetings, the meetings industry began fighting back with campaigns of its own. But nothing takes the sting out of negativity more than humor, as Hyatt shows in a series of videos touting the importance of using a hotel that really "gets" meetings (though they don't make "accidental planners," those for whom meetings is just a sideline, not a full-time job, look very good). From the New York Times:

    “The meetings business was slow in 2009, and slow as we come into 2010, so we thought the timing was right to put out an aggressive, confident invitation to get together again,” [Amy Curtis-McIntyre, senior vice president for marketing at Hyatt] said.

Check out these examples:

Ultra Lounge

Teppanyaki Chef

Thanks to the Meetings: Minnesota's Hospitality Journal, for the pointer!

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