Human joysticks

This probably won't be available for groups for a while, but check out NewsBreaker, a participatory game from MSNBC.com that movie audiences can play before the previews begin (I guess this would replace those idiotic movie trivia quizes). It's simple in concept: Using a paddle, you clear lines by dropping news headlines from boxes (check link above for a computer version of the game—warning, can be addictive). But, according to BoingBoing:

    the gameplay is the cool part: a motion sensor in the theater allows the entire audience to control the paddle by swaying in unison from side to side. Check out the video of the gameplay at a Spiderman 3 opening weekend screening in LA [see below]...These people are having insane fun

While it sounds like it's barely in its infancy in cinemas, I can foresee the day in the not-too-distant-future when we can start a keynote with a game like this, with the headlines being something to do with your organization, or the industry you serve, or something else related to the theme or topic of the meeting. How cool would that be??

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