How we connect these days

I've been noticing some interesting trends in how I connect with people lately. It seems like people don't leave comments here on the blog very often anymore (not that they ever did all that much), but more are responding when the post goes up on my Facebook wall. And there's this one guy I cannot for the life of me get ahold of via phone or e-mail, but if I DM (direct message) him on Twitter, he's on it immediately.

Just goes to show where people are "living" these days, and how important it is to try to keep up with it all if I want to keep up with you all. I'm still not sure how this translates to marketing a meeting, but I'm guessing your attendees are no different than the various people I'm trying to reach. The hard part is to participate in all these different media without spamming folks with the same message in 20 different places (which I'm guilty of, sorry to say, with blog autofeeds).

Ideally, I'd want to craft specific messages for each media, but since I haven't found a way to create a 30-hour day yet, it's just not happening. How do you handle it?

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