How not to handle a company event

A few weeks ago, Cisco held its annual party. Nice, right? I'm sure it was, for those who got to it. It sounds like the planners didn't take traffic issues into account. From geek blogger Robert Scoble:

    I have a few friends who work at Cisco and they are — more than a week later — still livid about how their company handled their annual party. One worker there told me she was stuck in traffic for more than two hours and decided to simply turn around and go home.

    So, what happened? Well, 11,000 Cisco employees were told to go to Shoreline for its company meeting. The thing is Shoreline isn’t designed for that kind of traffic inflow during rush hour. It messed up the commutes of many people, particularly those who work at Google.

    But internally workers are still stewing. It’s amazing that they took an event that was supposed to generate postive morale but turned it into really negative feelings toward the company.

As event planners know all too well, every detail counts. This is just another painful reminder.

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