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How to keep your stuff from being stolen at the airport

It hasn't yet happened to me, but you hear all the time about people having things stolen out of their luggage while traveling. After reading a post where Chris Elliott explains some pretty effective thief-deterrents, I think I know why my stuff generally stays put.

• I usually just take carry-on, so it's not out of my sight.

• If I do check a bag, it's a pretty pathetic-looking critter, not something that screams, "ooh, she's carrying oodles of diamonds."

• I don't generally tote along anything worth stealing, so it's mainly a moot point for me.

But for the worriers/already-been-ripped-off-and-don't-want-to-go-there-again, I like the idea of carrying luggage that looks like it belongs to a kid, too, though your attendees might look at you funny in the hotel check-in and -out lines. And I love the idea of packing a toy badge with an official-looking ID card: “The badge has a distinctive design which looks like a real law-enforcement shield on an airport X-ray, thus discouraging collusion between X-ray attendants and baggage handlers."

How do you ensure your stuff stays in your bag when you and your luggage are parted?

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