How happy are your association’s members?

I've been listening in to an e-exchange among some meeting planners today who are worried about the retiring boomers leaving associations who are not being replaced by the next generation. There does seem to be some hope in a so-far-unsubstantiated rumor that those just leaving college now will be more boomer-like in their association membership habits. Can anyone substantiate that rumor?

In the meantime, according to a press release from IMEX, a new study asked 192 professionals what factors are most important to getting them to join, or to leave, an association.

    Results show the majority (61%) join in order to gain access to best practice. 58% do so to keep up-to-date with industry news whilst 51% want to benefit from educational activities. Networking for business or social reasons (49%), learning about job vacancies (35%) and meeting professional requirements (33%) were also important 'attraction' factors.

It also said that preliminary results are being issued during the M&IT show at Olympia (UK). A fuller, more detailed report, following six months' further research, will be presented at the IMEX Association Day in Frankfurt on April 18th next year.

The P.R. said that the full report, "What members want membership renewal & retention," can be downloaded from associationgateway.org (you have to register) or imex-frankfurt.com, but the link didn’t go anywhere when I tried it. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

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