How Does Your Meeting Policy Stack Up?

One of our IdeaXchange authors, SMMP expert Shimon Avish, recently published a free meeting policy assessment tool that I think is really comprehensive and, potentially really useful for those who want to be sure they're covering every base—which is pretty much everyone, right?

It covers 21 areas, from general policy terms, meeting request and authorization, and budgeting and payment issues, to business ethics, tax issues, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK anti-bribery regulations (yes, these do apply to your meetings!). Each area has specific questions you can rate your policy on, from 0 (your policy doesn't address it at all) to 1 (your policy covers at least part of the issue), to 2 (your policy totally rocks this one). You can rate your policy on each section, and on the whole shebang.

If anyone takes this and gets all 2s, I want to hear about it (and get a copy of that gold-star policy)!

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