How does your airline's chow rate?

How does your airline's chow rate?

If you’re looking for spa food like cucumber gazpacho with shrimp and melon on your next flight to Cincinnati, you’re almost definitely going to be out of luck (unless you’re on your billionaire friend’s private jet). But the enterprising souls at DietDetective.com have done some sleuthing to find out which airlines sky snacks are the least (and most) hazardous to your waistline. Now the results are in.

Of the eight airlines whose snacks DietDetective.com analyzed for healthiness, cost, calories, and exercise equivalents, Virgin America and Air Canada provided the healthiest sky snacks; Spirit's snacks were the least healthy.

However, the company noted in a press release, your best bet is to bring your own food (low-calorie cereals, apples and oranges, salad, energy bars, beef jerky, fruit rollups, nuts, nonfat yogurt, and sandwiches). They also suggest peel-and-eat tuna and salmon cups, which sounds pretty awful to me.

I know I should care about keeping to nice healthy snacks but really, to be truthful, I don't. I always figure I'm working off so many calories just holding the plane in the sky with my mind that anything I eat is instantly burned off. Calories eaten on the plane, stay on the plane—that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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