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Alan Meckler of Jupitermedia recently blogged about business-to-business trade magazines, and how he believes they--especially those in the tech fields--are being (and will continue to be) replaced by online magazines.

Since I have a foot on each shore, working both on our print magazines and the Web, I'm not sure I agree. Sure, it's easier and cheaper to launch a Web site than a magazine, but is that really what people want? Personally, I love my magazines--there's something almost sensuous about the layout and design, the ability to rip and file the good stuff.

Then again, I can't help but notice that some of the news in the magazines I get seems pretty stale. Maybe it's because I'm constantly searching every conceivable Web site for blog-worthy news, but by the time I read something in print, it all too often turns out to be something I read about online weeks, even months, before. Unless the print article can give me more depth, I kinda feel like I've been there, done that, moved on. Then I feel a horrible pang of disloyalty.

I'd really love your feedback on this question: When it comes to the trade publications you read, do you think online magazines will--or should--replace print in the foreseeable future? If you don't want to post an anonymous comment by clicking the comment button below, please e-mail me your thoughts.

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