How do you pick a floral designer?

This morning I got an e-mail from a floral designer who wants to increase his visibility in the corporate and nonprofit meetings market. I gave him some suggestions, like advertising in our magazines ;> and being active in industry associations, writing articles on floral design trends, and signing up for the Special Events buyers guide that I just wrote about before I got this guy's e-mail (talk about serendipity!). And of course I suggested that he start up his own blogI for one would be interested to read about the ins and outs of that business, which I know very little about. But I'm just throwing out the usual marketing stuff.

So, how do you guys pick a floral designer for your events? Do hotels and/or DMCs recommend them? The CVB? Buyers Guides? What could a floral designer do to get your attention? It's not something I usually write about, so I really don't know exactly what's involved, and yet having the right floral design is one of those touches that has to be done right, especially for high-level events. Anyone want to clue me in?

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