Hotels rethinking guest safety after ESPN reporter spy case

I'm sure you've heard about the case of the poor ESPN reporter who was spied upon and videotaped in the altogether in her hotel room; now hotels are rethinking their guest security practices to hopefully save you and I from this kind of embarrassment. According to Hotel Online:

Joe McInerney, CEO of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, confirmed that his organization "sent an advisory to our members asking them to review all their guest privacy procedures and all of their security procedures to make sure their staff are doing everything they should be doing."

This includes asking if a guest is OK with someone getting a room adjoining theirs, which is something I've never been asked (and never thought too much about until now). They're also checking into what they can do to stop peepers from peeping. In the meantime, it says to smear vaseline on the peephole, or stick a piece of duct tape over it. Kind of defeats the purpose of the peephole, but whatever.

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