Hotels are changing sheets less often

So, thanks to a MIMlister, I hear that hotels are going from daily sheet changes to just changing them every few days (Link). I have no problem with that. The article seems to imply something sinister, like hotels are saying that it's to be more environmentally friendly (less detergent, hot water, and bleach usage) when really they're just looking to save a buck.

Hey, the two can, and often do, go hand in hand, and I see nothing wrong with that. I've always thought it was kind of silly to change sheets (and towels) daily—I doubt many people do that at home, anyway, so why should they care when they're on the road? I can't imagine too many attendees would complain, and if they did, the hotel would gladly change their sheets daily.

I think it's all good: Save money, help the environmentnothing wrong with that.

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