Hotels and homeland security

A forum by Avendra took hotels to task on their terrorism preparedness—a timely topic, now that "soft" targets like hotels are in the terrorists sites.

Some areas to watch for include "the drive-up areas located near hotel entrances…hotel HVAC systems are vulnerable to biological and chemical attacks, but that rooftop HVAC intakes can be secured with magnetic locks and motion detectors."

While of course hoteliers need to be proactive in terrorism-deterrence, but what I’d really like to see is for everyone to concentrate on is risk management plans for more likely scenarios (e.g., instruct your banquet staff not to put the juice pitchers, oozing drops of condensation, behind the toasters at a breakfast buffet. I’ve seen this all-too-many times. And train your staff on using the AED to shock heart attack victims back to life—you do, of course, have AEDs in your public areas, right?).

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