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Hotel wind-down calls

I'm a big fan of hotel wake-up calls, but this might be an even better idea (or at least one that will make the wake-up call more palatable): the wind-down call. As in a call from the front desk reminding you to shut down your computer and go to bed already. The ever-hip James Hotel is offering to do just that as a part of its unfortunately named weekday Bleisure program -- along with caffeinated, complimentary office space, upgrades, free printing and copying at the business center, networking lounge, complimentary car service within the central downtown business district, and even a $10 credit toward an in-room movie and a coffee to go from David Burke’s Primehouse.

Now I'm wracking my brain trying to think of other interesting, possibly even unique services offered by hotels I've stayed at, but am coming up blank...

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