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Hotel rooms for resale

Yet another reason to join the (free) Meetings Community, also known as MeCo: The Meetings Rooms for Resale bulletin board.

Here's how MeCo listserv moderator Jim Louis announced the new development to the listserv this morning:

    We have a place now on The Meetings Community website that planners can now post information on rooms that they need to sell because of some cut back to avoid attrition and cancellation penalties. This service is now here and is completely FREE! Like everything we do at MeCo we try to offer services to our members at no charge to them. Also the posts from the Hotel Rooms for ReSale message board are posted to the MeCo Google group! So the over 2100 members of the MeCo Google group would be notified every time someone posts to the Rooms for ReSale board! This service is to help meeting planners who have run into situations were the contract was signed and the program changed size. Or if you are running into a lower room pickup than your organization expected due to the changes in the economy. Even if your program is canceled this may help you find a program that will help fill some if not all of your hotel rooms.

    To view the board go to and select Hotel Rooms for ReSale.

    Then select the message board Hotel Rooms for ReSale. [Or use this direct link]

    To post a message you need to have a Meetings Community Website Account. This is different from the Google group account. To get an account you can do so by using this link or register on the main page below the user name and password. If you don't remember if you have an account try signing up again it will only allow you one account per email address.

    Once you are logged in you just need to click on "New Thread"

    Please post the following information:

    * Property & Location

    * Number and Types of Rooms Available

    * Hotel Dates

    * Your contact name and number (so other meeting managers on the list may reach you to discuss the possibility of utilizing some of your contracted room block)

    Click on submit and it's done!

    MeCo is not responsible for the accuracy of any post made on the message board.

Once again, two thumbs up to MeCo for providing this service, and for free, no less. I hope people take full advantage of it. Good job, guys.

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