Hotel pet peeves

While I'm feeling cranky, I might as well crank on. Why do hotels always put the towels on the wall farthest from the shower? I hate putting the towels on the toilet, but I hate even more slip-sliding across the room to grab one. And no in-room coffee pot? Aack! I almost croaked when I saw that missing last night (I am NOT a mornning person). And no minibar--I was starved, since I sat in the back of the plane last night and all they had left was meatloaf (I'm a semi-vegetarian) by the time they got to us in the hinterlands. At least the windows open and the bed is double-sheeted, two things I really like in a hotel room.

Then there was the front desk guy last night, who was nice enough. But when the woman in front of me said, "This is a smoking room, right? That's what I reserved," and he replied, "No, of course not. You shouldn't smoke anyway, it's bad for you." Yeah right, like she's going to quit an addiction because the hotel couldn't honor its commitment to give her the type of room she reserved. If she had been a nonsmoker in a smoking room, do ya think he would have told her, "well, you might as well start, then?" I think not. Then he proceeded to tell her to call in the morning and ask again, since "no one's going to actually pay attention to your request unless you make a pain of yourself." Whether you relate to her plight or not, this is not what I'd call great customer service. I hope it gets better, or that I get less cranky, as time goes on...

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