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Hotel Internet connections still need some work

According to this New York Times article, hotel Internet connections still need some work. I have to admit that I'm on board with this one: Sometimes it's great, and sometimes, well, not-so-great to terrible. Here's one guy's take, from the article:

    Will Allen III, an organizational development consultant who travels most weeks, attributes growing connectivity problems to the shift to wireless access, estimating that he has trouble with Wi-Fi service in hotels about 50 percent of the time, in contrast to 5 percent of the time with a wired connection.

    “Wireless is just not reliable yet, and hotels are just catching up to the fact that they’ve got to be on top of this,” he said, noting that he has turned down free upgrades to a room with Wi-Fi in favor of a wired connection in a lesser room. And if he is planning a long-term stay, he and his colleagues will test a hotel’s Internet service in advance.

    “We can’t stay at a hotel unless the Internet works,” he said. “It’s like oxygen — we have to have it.”

Sounds like it would be a good idea these days to add testing connectivity in various guest rooms to your site selection checklist.

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