Hotel fee I hadn't heard of before

Just read this article about hotel add-on fees being on the rise, and came across one I hadn't heard of before: "Baggage hold fee ($1 per bag or $5 flat fee): Most hotels used to keep your luggage locked after you checked out for free. Now many make you pay, and you're still expected to tip the attendant."

As noted in the article, fees like this one (and housekeeping add-on charges) likely will reduce or eliminate tips for the people who perform these duties, like automatic service charges have for room-service deliverers (if I'm already paying a 20 percent service charge, my likelihood of taking on another 20 percent -- bringing the price of that already pricey, not-so-delicious piece of chicken up by 40 percent -- is about nil. I feel bad about it, but can't justify it. I just hope that at least some of that service charge makes its way to the server).

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