Hotel amenities you could do without

Hotel Chatter poses an interesting questions: What hotel amenities do you consider totally useless? While I disagree with them on the uselessness of ironing boards and in-room coffeepots (while fully understanding the dangerous potential of the latter), there are some things I could do without.

The giant stack of ad-driven brochures on the city, for example. While I suppose it might be useful to some, I'd infinitely rather find a restaurant through word-of-mouth or its cyber equivalent. And I am always shuffling the stack from one place to another--it's always in the way, wherever I put it. I'd also do away with shower caps (I hope they don't replace those every day and throw away the unused ones. Talk about waste!). I'd go with just one kind of soap, too, instead of having face soap, shower soap, hand soap, etc. And all those itty bitty pillows--begone!

And you?

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