Hot off the virtual press: The ACCME Report

I sense the hand of my former editor and ACCME's director of communications, Tamar Hosansky, in the new e-newsletter from ACCME called, not surprisingly, The ACCME Report (link goes to pdf download).

Among the topics in the first issue:

The ACCME Program & Activity Reporting System

ACCME Submits Additional Testimony to the Senate Special Committee on Aging (Someone remind me to add a link to this when our cover story, which so happens to be on the hearing this summer, goes online)

The 2009 Robert Raszkowski, MD, PhD, ACCME Hero Award winners--congratulations to George Mejicano, MD, MS; Ronald Murray, EdD; J. Brian O'Toole, PhD; and David Swee, MD

And a whole lot more. This is a great idea--I'll look forward to seeing it in my in-box every third week of the month.

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