Hot new podcast: Lessons learned from Neurontin

Are you curious about lessons learned from the Neurontin case? If so, don't miss "Interview with Dr. Michael A. Steinman, M.D.," a new podcast available at Medical Science Liaison Resource Portal, run by Jane Chin. Here's the synopsis from the site:

    I spoke with Dr. Michael Steinman, lead author of “Narrative Review: The Promotion of Gabapentin: An Analysis of Internal Industry Documents” published in the August 15, 2006 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine [2006 145(4):284-293].

    I asked Dr. Steinman what surprised him when he reviewed more than 8000 pages of court documents relating to the Neurontin off-label promotion case and what advice he would give to medical science liaisons who interact with healthcare professionals in the delivery of scientific information. Dr. Steinman‘s insights are helpful to MSLs, pharmaceutical executives, and continuing medical education providers who have come into the spotlight in the growing concern over conflicts of interest in healthcare.

I know I'm going to check it out when I get a few minutes.

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