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HHS adds Web site and hotline

The Dept. of Health and Human Services established a new Web site and toll-free number (866-528-6334) to find healthcare and relief workers to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

If you have skills in any of these areas and would like to volunteer, give them a call or visit the site:

* Administration/finance officers

* Chaplain/social workers

* Clinical physicians

* Coroners

* Dentists

* Dieticians

* Emergency Medical Technicians

* Epidemiologists

* Environmental health workers

* Epidemiologists

* Facility managers

* Housekeepers

* IT/Communications officers

* Laboratory technicians

* Licensed practical nurses

* Medical clerks

* Medical examiners

* Mental health workers

* Morticians

* Mortuary assistants

* Nursing assistants/nursing support technicians

* Nursing staff directors

* Paramedics

* Patient transporters/volunteers

* Pharmacists

* Psychologists

* Physician's assistants or nurse practitioners

* Physician chiefs of staff

* Radiologic technicians

* Respiratory therapists

* Registered nurses

* Safety officers

* Security officers

* Social workers

* Supply managers

* Veterinarians

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