Hey marketers, what gives?

Cute item on errtravel that starts off: "Have you ever had a business trip where everything - and I mean everything - went perfectly? Me neither. Yet while paging through a periodical that targets business travelers, I noticed that the people in the ads appear to be on trips that couldn't be more pleasant.

"What gives?"

He goes on to question whether companies are setting their customers up to be disappointed when they show their products and services in the best possible light, especially when the person’s experience is a lot worse than they expected--then the marketing materials actually make a bad experience seem worse, since expectations were so high. Good point, and one that meeting planners might want to think about. Another one: At what point does hype become meaningless noise? I know I don’t even see phrases like "world’s leading company" and "the nation’s finest" anymore when I go through press releases.

Then again, who in their right mind wouldn't try to make their product, or their meeting, sound like the best thing since sliced bread?

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